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Dorm Family Night Theme-“SMILE”

Midkiff dorm enjoyed Robocook’s lightning fast service. Afterwards students enjoyed shopping downtown, studying in a coffeeshop, or singing their favourite songs at a Norebang.

Later a visit to the disco pang pang turned out to be a blast.  No injuries but maybe some bumps and bruises.

Ward Dorm smiles once they sunk their teeth into their anticipated special family dinner excursion.

Murphy Dorm pulled up their sleeves and prepared a BBQ dinner before heading out to Laser Tag

Adams Dorm filled their bellies at Ashleys before watching a movie with popcorn and treats.

And my personal favorite family night photo is of PJ from Adams Dorm.

March 1st Activities

littledudes2_srcset-large-1Bubble Ball is Coming to TCIS Dorm Soon 

March 1st will be no school for TCIS students and since it’s in the middle of the week the Residence Life Program will be hosting some fun and exciting activities for all dorm students. Tuesday after school students will have a chance to sign out to Techno Valley to enjoy all the activities they usually save for the week-end. Students can unwind by going to their favorite PC Bang, Nore Bang, or enjoy a hot cup of coffee at the host of coffee shops that can be found in Techno Valley. In the evening students can gather around the campfire and enjoy some hot-dogs, smores, and a steaming cup of hot chocolate. Who knows maybe we will even sing some good old-fashion campfire songs.


Wednesday is Korea’s Independence Holiday and TCIS dorm students will have the freedom to sleep-in after a fun-filled evening. After brunch each dorm will enjoy some friendly games of Bubble Ball on our soccer field just steps away from their cozy warm beds. Once each dorm gets a few games under their belts the All Stars from each dorm will have a chance to represent their dorm family name and compete to win a delicious treat for their entire dorm family !

새해 복 많이 받으세요

From the Residence Life Office

This new semester has had a busy start already but it has been very good. We have had the privilege of welcoming 6 new students into the program with 3 more yet to arrive after the Lunar Holiday. I have more interviews this week and anticipate more growth.

We have several of our boarding students out for APAC tournaments in Hong Kong at the moment and are cheering for them online and praying for their health and safety.

We are celebrating with our seniors some very impressive college acceptances and we congratulate each of them for all of their hard work. We are proud of the support of the parents and the residence program in supporting our students along the way.

The Residence Life staff are celebrating their hard work o the ACSI Accreditation study. The ACSI report has revealed so many strengths in the program and we look forward to the actual visit and assessment in March.TCIS boarding program has always served as a leader among boarding programs.

The Residence Office has been busy with the development of some policy work and the program is engaged in several improvement projects. We are always looking for ways to serve our families better and we are excited about some of our ideas.

As the Lunar Holiday approaches, we recognize the significance of this time for many of our families. We wish you all the best with your families during this break and we look forward to hearing from your children about the excitement of the holiday.

From our dorms to your homes we wish you all a Happy Lunar Holiday!

새 학기에 들어가며 여러 바쁜 일들이 있었지만 매우 좋은 시작 이였습니다. 또한, 6명의 새로운 학생이 저희 기숙사에서 생활하게 됐으며 구정 후 추가 3명의 학생이 함께 생활할 예정입니다. 금주에 추가 인터뷰가 잡혀있으며 더 많은 학생들이 기숙사에서 생활하게 될 가능성
또 한 열려 있음을 말씀 올립니다.
현재 홍콩에서 진행되고 있는 APAC 토너먼트에 참가중인 일부 기숙사 학생들을 위해 온라인으로 응원의 메시지를 보내며 학생들의
건강과 안전을 위해 기도하고 있습니다.
Senior 학생들의 노력과 결과를 축하하고 여러 Senior 학생들의 우수한 대학교 입학을 축하하고 있습니다. 또한, 학부모님들께서
보내주신 지원 외 저희 기숙사 프로그램 또한 학생들과 함께 노력함에 있어 매우 자랑스러운 결과가 아닐 수 없다고 믿고 있습니다.
ACSI 리포트에 저희 기숙사 프로그램의 많은 장점을 명시되어 있으며 금년 3월에 예정되어 있는 방문 및 평가를 기대하고 있습니다.
현재 기숙사 스태프들은 긍정적인 ACSI Accreditation study 결과를 축하하고 있습니다. 저희 TCIS의 기숙사 프로그램은 여타 기숙사 프로그램들에 비해 더 우수한 프로그램으로 학생과 학부모님들께 보답을 해왔습니다.

Residence Office는 새로운 프로그램, 정책을 연구 및 실질적 기여를 하고 있습니다. 저희 기숙사는 항상 학생들과 가족들에게 보다
높은 질의 서비스를 제공하기 위해 최선을 다 하고있으며 자체에서 생각하고 있는 새로운 아이디어를 수집하고 있습니다.
설날이 다가오고, 많은 가족들에게 설의 의미를 알기에, 모든 가정에게 편안하고 최고의 시간이 되기를 기원 드리며 향후 학생들에게 여러 재미있는 에피소드를 전해듣기를 기대하고 있겠습니다.
Dorm에서 가정에게 즐거운 설날 되시기를


Lorilynn Midkiff
Residence Life Coordinator

Bus Loads of Fun

Adams Dorm Family

Dorm families loaded up the buses and headed off campus for a special night of unwinding and fine dining. Dorm Family Nights are a great break from the daily grind and routine of regular dorm life. Dorm staff look forward to this special evening out with their dorm families and the timing couldn’t be more perfect just before students have to buckle down and concentrate on final assessments.

Adams Dorm family discovered and enjoyed a new restaurant called “Salt & Pepper’s” where their giant portions of ribs were a hit with the carnivorous Adams boys. A Christmas themed party followed back at the dorm with sweets, treats, and surprises.

The Ward Empire had a blast being one of the first to experience Lazer tag during their night away. No man was left behind when they experienced some fusion type food from PanAsia which has a mixed menu from Thailand and Indonesia. Sharing is caring and freshly made buckets of fruity Mojitos turns friends into family in no time flat.

Murphy’s, Midkiff’s, and Ward’s visited the new downtown Dunsan dong shops that is always bussling with activity where a variety of clothing stores, PC bangs, Norebangs, restaurants, and coffee shops are always a favorite for our diverse tastes amongs our dorm students. Students scurried to find that perfect gift for their dorm sister and brother with many Secret Santa parties soon to be had.