The craziness that is the month of May

Kicking off the month of May many of our students were involved with their classes/club booths at the school’s International Festival.  The dorm staff also enjoyed participating in the booths (like the dunk tank). The kids enjoyed a variety of international foods and drinks as well as live performances. The evening ended with a fireworks display.



8th Grade Graduation

IMG_3012 copy.jpg

Adams Dorm saw 7 of their students graduate from M.S. to H.S. We look forward to seeing them tackle the 9th grade. Congratulations!

IMG_2251 copy.jpegAdams Dorm 8th graders and their classmates.


  Celebrating the End


image_17196545.JPGAs the month of May drew to a close, the Murphy Dorm, who has all of the dorm student seniors, made sure to celebrate a job well done.

IMG_2939.jpgMurphy Dorm end-of-year party.


IMG_2961.jpgAdams Dorm end-of-year party.

IMG_1334.jpgPresentation of the Adams Dorm 8th grade plaque & T-shirts.

IMG_2807.jpgIMG_2802.jpgAdams Dorm Soccer Game.

Graduation Day

IMG_3130 copy.jpgGraduation day was packed full of reunions and celebrations. Dr. Penland, school administration, and residence staff took the time out to celebrate our missionary families. TCIS had 5 departing MKs (missionary kids) who will be heading to college.

IMG_3147 copy.jpgCongratulations to our departing seniors (not pictured:  Angela Song & Jeongah Eom).

image_123986672 copy.JPGimage_123986672 copy 2.JPGMurphy Dorm will miss all of you so much!


Alumni Return

IMG_3246 2.jpgThe end of the year brings dorm alumni back to see their “second family” and friends. We love seeing our family come back to visit.


As we closed out the 2018-2019 school year, we are grateful to the Lord for blessing us with the unique opportunity to invest in each others’ lives here in Daejeon, South Korea. We look forward to welcoming new faces to our boarding program in August 2019. Look for our next blog coming out in August/September! Have a great summer!



As we have gotten further into the busyness of life at TCIS, we have not neglected to kick back and have some fun! April was an eventful month. Bring on May!

A good time was had by all who attended our annual Prom.











Sports season has continued on through  April with some of the dorm students being involved in badminton & soccer.IMG_6470.jpegIMG_6510IMG_7072.jpgIMG_6162 copy.jpeg


The Residence Life Program hosted a few soccer teams in our dorm building for the Girls APAC Soccer Tournament. Some of our girls even had the opportunity to take their visitors downtown.


IMG_7821 copy.JPGIMG_1226 copy.jpg



Mr. Ted and some of the Adams Dorm students volunteered one evening to serve and feed the homeless alongside other volunteers. It was a good opportunity for the dorm kids to give back to their community.

IMG_2277 2 copy.jpg




On April 22nd both the Adams and Murphy Dorms headed out to enjoy an evening of good food and hanging out as individual dorm families.

IMG_2528 copy.jpgIMG_2520 copy.jpeg

IMG_2259 copy.jpegIMG_2501 copy.jpg



Dorm Update ( March 2019)


As we continue to “live life”  into the month of March, relationships amongst the students  also continue to grow and bond us closer as a dorm program.

IMG_2864.JPGIMG_3172.jpgIMG_0033.JPGIMG_2868.jpgIMG_9215 2.jpegIMG_2783.JPGIMG_3065.JPG




Recent Events

IMG_6983 2.jpeg

As dorm life can get very busy the some of our dorm students had the time to meet up with some students from Iceland visiting the school  and spent an evening playing ultimate frisbee and eating snack.



We are very proud to have some of our dorm students just recently inducted into the National Honors Society.


It was also great to have some of our parents come in for such a special event.



The boarding staff planned dinner and laser tag for students who stayed the weekend. It was nice to get off campus and bond as a dorm families. Everyone had a good time!



It was a good time for our staff and students to bond with each other.



The month of April brought three special events to the dorm. The dorm staff planned their last parent luncheon of the year to thank the parents for their continual support throughout the year and to recognize the Residence Life Coordinator, Mrs. Lorilynn Midkiff, for her leadership these past 2 years. Mrs. Midkiff and her husband will be transitioning back to Canada next year.

The dorm staff planned an activity day during the Teacher Work Day this month and spent part of the day taking students to the movies and on a shopping trip to Eunheng Dong.

The dorms went on their last dorm family night of the year and enjoyed just hanging out one last time as a family unit before the end of the year.

March Madness

The month of March was full of so many events, the list goes on and on. The dorm students were busy traveling abroad, playing sports, going to other schools within Korea and trying to meet academic deadlines. Two big events that  most of our dorm students were involved in were LASA ( LOVE ALL SERVE ALL) mission trips and the ISTA (International Schools Theatre Association) held this year at TCIS.




IMG_5858.jpgIMG_1301 copy.jpg


February Happenings

With the month of February came the annual APAC basketball tournament inclusive of 5 international teams in addition to our varsity boys and girls teams. Some of our dorm students were able to host  visiting students in their rooms as well as play in the tournament themselves. Dorm students and cheerleaders alike joined in cheering on their dorm brothers and sisters from the sidelines.27709985_1585497468195343_2801780717002246694_o.jpg27501036_1588210277924062_5752459900958235512_o.jpg27625488_1585355111542912_1564802652676747549_o.jpg27173384_1585355068209583_7816998554418866899_o.jpg27173839_1585497474862009_1296830655076913572_o.jpg27501005_1588210274590729_4786330916966310517_o.jpg27368541_1585222011556222_1816715589836101623_o.jpg27173503_1583902285021528_2259580836410051790_o.jpg