The month of April brought three special events to the dorm. The dorm staff planned their last parent luncheon of the year to thank the parents for their continual support throughout the year and to recognize the Residence Life Coordinator, Mrs. Lorilynn Midkiff, for her leadership these past 2 years. Mrs. Midkiff and her husband will be transitioning back to Canada next year.

The dorm staff planned an activity day during the Teacher Work Day this month and spent part of the day taking students to the movies and on a shopping trip to Eunheng Dong.

The dorms went on their last dorm family night of the year and enjoyed just hanging out one last time as a family unit before the end of the year.


March Madness

The month of March was full of so many events, the list goes on and on. The dorm students were busy traveling abroad, playing sports, going to other schools within Korea and trying to meet academic deadlines. Two big events that  most of our dorm students were involved in were LASA ( LOVE ALL SERVE ALL) mission trips and the ISTA (International Schools Theatre Association) held this year at TCIS.




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February Happenings

With the month of February came the annual APAC basketball tournament inclusive of 5 international teams in addition to our varsity boys and girls teams. Some of our dorm students were able to host  visiting students in their rooms as well as play in the tournament themselves. Dorm students and cheerleaders alike joined in cheering on their dorm brothers and sisters from the sidelines.27709985_1585497468195343_2801780717002246694_o.jpg27501036_1588210277924062_5752459900958235512_o.jpg27625488_1585355111542912_1564802652676747549_o.jpg27173384_1585355068209583_7816998554418866899_o.jpg27173839_1585497474862009_1296830655076913572_o.jpg27501005_1588210274590729_4786330916966310517_o.jpg27368541_1585222011556222_1816715589836101623_o.jpg27173503_1583902285021528_2259580836410051790_o.jpg

January Happenings

The month of January was pretty quiet in the dorms as students returned from the Christmas break. However the “noise level” did pick up a bit as the dorms hosted some high school students from the country of Denmark who were visiting Korea on an educational trip. Each dorm was able to spend special time with these students, showing them around the Techno Valley area and spending time asking them about their lives in Denmark. It was an educational experience for both the Denmark group as well as our own dorm staff and students as we were all able to learn about our similarities and differences.


Dorm Spiritual Retreat ( 2017)

TCIS DSR 2017 was a weekend packed with conversations and teachings about God, honest prayer and worship, fun games and activities that brought us together, delicious food to keep the palate salivating, and sweet fellowship and connections that made memories for a life-time. This year, we were lucky to have guests from the state of Pennsylvania- our worship leader for the weekend John Jordan, his wife Gao Foua Jordan who was a speaker, and another married couple Brooke and Michael Witterman who both led a variety of activities and small group sessions. Conversations and testimonies around the fire our last night proved that this year’s DSR was one to remember, as God showed up in big and small ways in student’s lives. Storytellers, our theme for the weekend, paved the way for student’s to be open about their stories and ultimately the story God has invited them into

Photo Credits: Dorm Staff